Experienced in Robotics and Controls, spent a year bringing numerous enhances to the Aisoy1 robot as a member within a reputed team of Robotic Software Engineers.

Strong programming skills, adaptable and hard worker. A disciplined professional who can build, lead and develop project designs, recognized for their focused execution and innovative thinking as well as computer engineering depth.

On the last period, he felt the necessity to explore Web Engineering due to its importance, being the most widely used communication channel in the world nowadays. Some of his works attached below:

Focusing on bringing together current, cutting-edge research with programming development experience to deliver new up to date technologies.

You can contact Noël via email at contact@noelruault.com or call him at (+34)622 13 60 40

You can also check an alternative professional profile on this link of LinkedIn.

(+34)622 13 60 40